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What Is A Jacket?
Aug 02, 2018

The jacket is a transliteration of English jacket, a short coat. Lapel, cardigan, multi-use Buckle (snap button) or zipper for easy work and activity.

Jackets are one of the most common in modern life, and the popularity began in the late 80 's. Jackets are Chinese words written in Chinese according to English pronunciation. Because these things are originated from abroad, spread into China, there is no such thing in China, so there is no such words. With the continuous development of society and the great blending of cultures, China has also produced many foreign loanwords. A short coat or coat. The earliest (14th century or so) refers to a coat of waist length, long sleeve, open body or sleeve, which can be either single or set. But with the development of the Times, now, this term refers to a variety of fabric styles, a variety of uses of the short coat, casual coat.

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