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The Clothing Collocation Of The Jacket Chooses
Aug 02, 2018

The color of the jacket as far as possible choose a steady color, such as: Black, Gray, Tibetan cyan, coffee and so on, because these colors can be pressed to the overall color, with the clothing can be selected with the same color or next to the color, such as navy blue jacket You can choose bluish gray, green, blue, gray and other clothes, black jacket better collocation.

But in order not to make mistakes, the best is the old saying, with a uniform color.

The prominence of the sense of hierarchy In fact, there are some rules in the mix, the main point is the level of sense. When wearing a short jacket, it can be paired with a sweater or a sweater or something like that! Don't be too loose in the outfit, too loose will affect the wearing effect of jacket outside. Whether it is a double row of windbreaker jacket or zipper motorcycle splatter jacket, they are inside the clothes are longer than the outside of a section, a good increase in the level of the waist sense.

This kind of dressing is more suitable for the boy with fine shape.

The role of accessories The importance of matching clothing is more than 40%, because good collocation often plays a key role. A suitable jacket collocation can make people more confident, steady, youthful, flying.