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Shopping Guide For Jackets
Aug 02, 2018

When choosing a jacket, you should first choose a different style according to your body size.

The body fat person, may choose the V-collar single row buckle face adornment jacket, causes the wearer to produce one kind of shoulder shortening, neck elongated effect.

Fat women such as the choice of only the main line or broken back jacket, will highlight the human body lines, looks slim, delicate.

Short people, should pay attention to the relative simplicity, collar not too large, the front door decoration can not be too complex, otherwise, it will make the figure appear shorter.

Lanky people, wearing a bag-tongue jacket, will appear more stable and strong. Second, choose a different color jacket according to your body and skin color. If you are fat, choose a cold-toned jacket to give a strong, youthful sense of vitality. If you have a smaller or slimmer body, choose a warm-toned jacket to make the wearer look tall and strong. In addition, the purchase of jackets, like the purchase of other clothing, but also pay attention to its size and quality. Jacket length slightly shorter than the tunic or suit, generally with the human body standing, the hands of the natural droop, the wrist of the place to prevail. When fitting, the chest is slightly wide, the back should be suitable, the feeling of no restraint will prevail when you reach forward.