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Why do pilots wear leather jackets?
Aug 02, 2018

When it comes to what kind of army is best treated in the military, it may be that many people think of fighter pilots first. In fact, pilots are much better treated than others.

After all, they are the top talent that the country has spent a lot of effort to train. And we saw on TV that fighter pilots were always wearing helmets, sunglasses and wearing leather jackets.

So what's the role of the leather jacket for the pilots? This is going to start with the origins of fighter jets. In the era when fighter jets were just invented. Due to the technical conditions at that time, there is no temperature control system in the fighter. and fighter jets are at Spider-Man, we all know that in the air height of 100 meters per rise, the temperature will drop 0.6 degrees.

So in order to ensure that the pilots are not affected by the task, the pilots will wear a thick leather jacket, these leather jackets are very good cold effect. Although today's fighters are much more advanced than the original, and the fighter has a temperature control system, but the pilots wear leather jacket is still the habit of being preserved.