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The point to pay attention to when buying a jacket
Aug 02, 2018

Common jacket styles are: Loose bat sleeve jacket, war splatter jacket, inlay-fitting jacket, hunting jacket and pilot jacket, athlete jacket, waiter jacket, Chanel jacket, Edward jacket, scarf collar shirt sleeve jacket, shoulder type lapel jacket, etc. No matter what style of jacket, the contour of the shoulder should be appropriate, with the upper and lower clothing should give people above the narrow "T" font type, showing chic, slender beauty.

In the guide of the jacket, we should pay attention to the following points in style:

① plump customers should choose a vertical line of the various strips of decorative lines of the jacket, will give the wearer with a straight and beautiful feeling.

② lanky customers should choose a jacket that splits and decorates the line, giving people a feeling of increasing width.

③ young people, especially young women, should choose slash strips and more decorated jackets, giving people a lively feeling.

④ general shape young men and women can choose straight strips or a variety of geometric patterns decorated jacket.

⑤ jacket collar and cuffs or cuffs and hem of the fabric, color should be consistent, avoid three colors or three kinds of fabrics, will give people a messy feeling.

⑥ jacket on the shoulder, bag, sleeve, chest and other decorative or line, its shape, color should be echoed to achieve the shape of lively and neat, harmonious beauty effect.