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The pilot's jacket is hot.
Aug 02, 2018

All kinds of clothes style quickly popular, now, recently popular pilots jacket, can say, popular speed is not general!

Although the popularity of the fast, but the real few people will wear it? Its heat has been not reduced, all the stars are scrambling to put on it, such as: Tang Yu ah, Dirigeba ah ... Who wears beauty on them? Are you wearing the right clothes?

In fact, the pilot's jacket was first designed to cool the air force, but it was no longer the exclusive Air Force, the rapid popularity of the major venues, become the exclusive of the fashion circle.

We can learn the following kinds of dressing! 

1, Pilot jacket + dress + shorts: When not hot, catch shorts sexy full, the long legs, and then, plus Wei clothing, giant movement wind, and then catch the short boots, handsome.

You can also pull up a boyfriend with the amount.

2, Pilot jacket + T-shirt + pencil pants: This collocation with narrow lower width, can be a good figure, tight-fitting pencil pants can properly show your long legs, such a dress minutes to add points to you. 3, Pilot jacket + Knit shirt + Jeans: This kind of dress up boyfriend is full, with the jeans of the oversize to catch the pilot jacket, the inside knit sweater warm and good-looking.