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The basic principle of bomber jackets
Aug 02, 2018

The principle of the flight suit is simple: a double wing cloth is mounted between the arms and the hips and between the legs, respectively, the front wing and the rear wing. The front and rear wings are open with vent holes, the vent holes of the fore wings are opened in the armpit, and the vent holes of the wings are opened under the hips.

The function of the vent hole is to make the front and rear wings full of gas in flight, so that the flying wings can be fully stretched, while the gas in the flight wing, the direction is converted to downward, so as to increase the lift in flight. Determining how much lift a flight suit can produce during flight is a key factor in the angle at which the arms can unfold during flight. The greater the angle-the higher the arms-the greater the surface area of the flying man, the greater the lift is produced, however, the larger the flying wing is, the more energy the flyer will have to control it, and to a certain extent the lift from the wing is too large to exceed the range that the pilot can control. After several improvements to the flight suit, Kusma and Knick set the maximum angle of the front wing at 78 degrees, and the maximum angle of the rear wing was set at 35 degrees.