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Classification of men's jackets
Aug 02, 2018

According to the aspect of the door lapel, men's jackets can be divided into double row buckle, single row buckle, cardigan, horn buckle, zipper, Ming door lapel, dark door lapel, cover several types of door flaps.

According to the collar type, men's jackets can be divided into shirt collar, collar, suit collar, large lapel, small lapel, hooded, detachable cap, double collar, knitted collar and so on.

By style, men's jackets can be divided into gentlemen's jackets, business casual jackets, casual jackets, fashion denim jackets, and the four categories. According to the version can be divided into bat-type, war splatter, mosaic accessories, hunting-style, pilot-type, athlete-style, waiter-style, Chanel, Edward-style, shoulder-type and so on.