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Basic style of bomber jackets
Aug 02, 2018

In foreign troops, the U.S. military's flying suits are more representative, for the overall style, the front for the zipper openings, waist and cuffs have-style elastic band, the bottom of the trousers have a zipper.

There are 8 pockets with zipper opening and closing, two chest, two thigh front, two calf, 1 left arm, 1 left-hand thigh, and daily necessities for belt flying and parachuting. All the military's flying suits are made of nylon buckle without buttons, which is a summary of a country in Western Europe in the early 50 when an armed service exercise, a skilled pilot for a button fell into the instrument caused the aircraft destroyed the accident and reform. Flying suit as a flight personnel in the air when the use of the standard overalls, and its types include anti-Dutch clothing, high compensation clothing, thermostat clothing, parachute suits, ventilation suits, liquid cold clothing.